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Mounting kit for Dual gage mount bracket  Call for Price

Dual instrument Metalastic Mount Bushings for 500 Truimphs     $15.98 pair

Metalastic mount bushings for Triumph dual instrument brackets. Very important to replace these regularly, as they become hard with age and cause the instruments to suffer damaging vibrations.

PN 97-1929

Triumph Hydraulic Slave Cylinder Actuator $295.95

Build a hydraulic clutch for your with this hard to find part. For most  650cc and 750cc vintage Triumph Motorcycles. 

Incandescent  Lamp Holder for Chronometric Gauge      $16.95 each

Fits all chronometric gauges.

LED Magnet Gauge Bulb Complete with Lamp Holder & Harness       $19.95 each

Makes it easy to read your magnet speedometer or tachometer at night.

Fits any gauge with a 5/8" lamp hole.

No special wiring  or adapter needed, comes with your choice of  Lucas bullet connector, bullet connector or #10 terminal eye.

The LED lasts 10 times longer than the old bulb yet draws 1/5 the amperage.


Single gage mount bracket for BSA B50 & B65 models $32.89
PN  82-2823     

Single instrument bracket for chronometric gages     $19.95


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Speedometer bracket for Vincent A & B model Shadows $43.95

Speedometer & Tachometer Cables     $29.95 each

Fits most British motorcycles. Please call with length needed.

90 Degree Tachometer Drive     Call for Price

For use with Smiths gauges. Works with most 500, 650 & 750 British twins thru 1983.

(224) 595-2037

Smiths Magnetic Instrument Repair

Single gage mount bracket Triumph 500 and 650cc models     $16.35

1964 thru 1970 PN 97-2138

BSA Rubber Speedometer instrument Mounting Cup1964 thru 1970

Made in India $28.95

Made in England $49.50